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Rivers Krishna is on the verge of death. Most of the years, the river water is not joining the sea due to full utilization of water mainly in agriculture. Godawari Ghat in Nashik, epicenter of the Kumbhmela at Maharashtra dries up after 139 years. River Godavari has almost dried up in Nizamabad district. Shortage in rainfall and closure of Babli project gates in Maharashtra have affected the water flow in the river and storage at the SRSP. The two major rivers of Adilabad district, the Pranahitha and Godavari, have dried up, leaving shallow puddles and sluggish streams.

Drought situation was prevailing in Mahabubnagar, Medak, Nizamabad, Karimnagar and Rangareddy districts and a few parts of Nalgonda, Warangal and Adilabad districts since early September. 50 per cent of the rain-fed crops were affected badly. Farmer suicides increased with drought-induced crop failures and other hardships trigger. Deficit rainfall along with severe dry spells caused withering and drying up of crops leading to reduced yield. Warangal and Hanmakonda in Warangal district which are now receiving tap water once in three days. The towns receive water from the Bhadrakali Lake which gets water from the Lower Manair Dam in Karimnagar, now at dead storage levels.

Due to severe drought fewer migratory birds are reported to have arrived in the State. There is a drastic fall in food grain production this year because of the drought conditions and lack of irrigation water. Khammam and Nalgonda districts have come under the grip of heat wave. At many places, cultivated paddy fields, which should have been harvested now, have turned into grazing ground for cattle. Drought conditions across Telangana and Andhra Pradesh and rising scarcity of fodder have begun to affect milk production. Back-to-back droughts have led to at least 10% fall in milk procurement over the past few weeks. In Mahbubnagar district, a fish farmer lost all the prawns and fish in his tank due to no release of water from the canal supplying the tank.

According to farmers’ organizations, nearly 14 lakh people have migrated from the worst affected districts of Mahabubnagar, Ranga Reddy, Medak and Nizamabad. People are migrating to Hyderabad and other cities in Telangana and to Pune, Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Surat looking for work.




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