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                               Dr. Umadevi Bhoga          

                               Scientist -  Analytical chemist & Ph. D chemist






Dr. Umadevi Bhoga, as a scientist with wide expertise across the world, with outstanding scientific contributions in Germany, India, Spain, South Africa and United States, after having been successfully discovering medicines for worldwide humankind, takes this privilege in introducing cutting edge bioengineered multi-dimensional Desalinations technology combined with healthcare interests to Indian society.


In this divine effort, Dr.Bhoga founded ShallDeSal non-profit organization to serve the hunger and thirst in drought-hit states in India. ShallDeSal organization promotes Desalinations, consolidated bioengineered technologies by adhering to unity, integrity with state & central governments, industrialists, social activists, law makers, volunteers, scientific team, engineers, technocrat’s team, intellectuals, International experts.

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