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The Roadmap as living document presents a summary of the water supply challenges facing the State of Telangana and suggests areas of R&D that may lead to technological solutions to these challenges. This Roadmap is a living document and a process, and updates will be made on a periodic basis to ensure that it remains current and relevant. 































The Roadmap helps identify discrete research objectives and priorities, leading to an integrated implementation strategy aimed at solving a very difficult problem—one in which people end up trying to decide what the problem really is and how to deal with it.

The stand-alone integrated, chelated, consolidated, solar power driven Desalination process of ocean water (Bay of Bengal or Arabian Ocean) to produce saline–free, non-toxic water potable water and partial Desalination to produce hormone-free, contaminant-free water for irrigation for organic farming, agriculture throughout Telangana state or any other drought hit states in India, that works until the end of Kaliyuga.

At Trevi Systems' desalination plant in Tiburon, CA, fouled water is converted to drinking water using forward osmosis. Look at the color of this intake,” he says, pointing to a tube feeding brown fluid into a device the size of a home furnace. There, through a process called forward osmosis, a novel solution the company developed pulls water molecules across a membrane, leaving salt and impurities behind. When low temperature heat is applied, the bioengineered solution separates out like oil, allowing clean water to be siphoned off.

The Desalination plants ranging from simple to complex structures using reverse Osmosis and forward Osmosis shall continuously supply salt-free, non-toxic, drinking water & irrigation water for the generations to come. Towards this end, I strongly propose establishing Desalination plant from "Bay of Bengal" in Andhra or Arabian ocean in Bangalore. These distillations can be performed by solar energy and solar powered membrane distillation, erection of Zero energy plants. The salt generated from this process could be used to manufacture edible salts, fine chemicals to create revenue.

Aforementioned Desalination process started with a vision that by 2020, desalination and water purification technologies will contribute significantly to ensuring a safe, sustainable, affordable, and adequate water supply for the Telangana State. High-level needs include meeting drinking water standards, meeting agriculture and industry standards, enhancing water quality, meeting today's need without compromising our future supplies, providing water in the future at a cost comparable to today's, and ensuring local and regional availability through periods of episodic shortages (droughts).

Water Pooling from up-stream Krishna & Godawari Rivers: Desalinated water is potable/drinkable water and is not suitable for irrigation/agriculture. However, partial Desalination of Sea water using a selective membrane system is suitable for irrigation/agriculture. To avoid over exploitation of fast drying Krishna & Godawari rivers, Telangana State need to depend on the Krishna and Godavari rivers to the minimum. In this scenario, water from the starting points of Krishna and Godavari rivers is diverted to Telangana State through underground pipelines between three states, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Telangana. When the pipelines reach Telangana, they merge with the existing/newly built Mission Bhagirath pipeline canals network to reach the end users. Through the way, the passing water in pipelines supply sprinklers/dripping required for the irrigation, agricultural utilization. This strategy helps three drought hit states in providing with clean water to cultivate pollution free vegetable/ fruit/ grain produce.

Desalination process for drinking water is one among the three Dimensional strategy, pooling water from upstream Godawari river is second strategy for irrigation/agriculture and pooling water from upstream Krishna for irrigation is the third way strategy for the states involved in the pipeline passage, overall 3-way strategy. Cleaning Hussain Sagar & Musi river are the prioritized projects in pipeline

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